Project Management Programs (PMP)

Are you searching the web for “best project management course near me or find the best online Project
Management training”? Well, you found it! This program introduces basic Project Management (PM) concepts that are essential, to go further into the subject of project management. Armed with these concepts and the understanding of project management resources, tools and techniques performance results are enhanced. After this program, any project management professional can step into the complex world of real-time project management. The program will enable you to qualify for international project management certifications too.

Limited 30 seats available. Fees- INR 18000 + GST New Session Starting on 9th and 10th December 2023 To register, just scan
  • Program Mode: Online / Contact
  • Duration: 36 Hours (Online: Once a week, 4hrs each; Contact: 5 days, 8hrs each)
  • Key Features: Stakeholder management, Resource Management, Quality management, Scope management, Schedule management, Communication management, Risk management, Integration management
  • Benefits: Earn 35 PMP Trained hours by completing the entire course. Understanding the project management framework and implementation. All the resources to clear the exam provided by Vayati Systems.
  • Who should take this program: Aspiring Project Managers, Program Managers and individuals working in projects. (Group Course – corporate /Open Online).
  • Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. and/or Partner organization
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The Hard Side Of Soft Skills In PM Program

Increasingly project failures are being attributed to human reasons. Project managers of yore were known to deliver primarily on the Iron Triangle (Time, Cost, Quality), paying little or no heed to behavioural aspects. For stakeholders, issues in team dynamics, roles, power and politics in resource allocation and leadership are gaining greater salience especially when it comes to measuring sustainable
project success. Our project management certification online / offline course is designed to equip PMs to
understand and apply soft techniques for maximum success.

  • Program Mode: Online / Contact; (Group Course – corporate / Open Online).
  • Duration: 10 Hours (Online: 4 days, 2.5 hrs each; Contact: 2 days, 5hrs each)
  • Cost: Online INR 2999 + GST ; Contact INR 5999 + GST
  • Key Features: Communication Skills and Networks, Team Building.
  • Benefits: Effective and efficient project management; exam prep for international certifications
  • Who should take this program: Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio managers, individuals associated with projects.
  • Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. and/or Partner organization
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