Author Dr Mona N. Shah has not just penned the book ‘Millennials: Poised to Lead’ but brings it to life in her training sessions with actionable content and measurable value. She draws the wisdom of the ages to mould leaders of tomorrow. She believes ideas can be seeded, channelized, or made implementable by unshackling them first. Releasing the mind enables a ‘mindset ecosystem’ that invites and embraces concepts more openly. What follows thereafter is developing the ideas and disseminating them to larger stakeholders.

One of the best management coaching programs, “Millennial Maestro” is designed to prepare young leaders to create the ‘leadership mindset ecosystem’ to enable them to lead teams with intent to fulfilling stakeholder expectations.

  • Program Mode: Online / Contact
  • Duration: 24 Hours (Online: Once a Month , 1.5hrs each; Contact: 4days, 6hrs each
  • Cost: On request
  • Key Features: Memory & NLP, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Art of delegation, Prioritization, How to stop Procrastination, Emotional Intelligence, Idea generation and implementation strategies, New idea generation and strategy, Embedding and habituating.
  • Tools: Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, 6 Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Random Word Paired Association, IKIGAI, Design Thinking.
  • Benefits: Self -development, ideation and dissemination, enabling process/new product/market development.
  • Who should enrol in this program? : Middle to senior management executives.
  • Mode: Individual Coaching.
  • Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. and/or Partner organization
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KinesicsORG TM

KinesicsOrg TM is about motion or change. KinesicsOrg TM is a program for large organizations to address
issues such as ageism, intergenerational dynamics, and expectations that may threaten to debilitate perfectly run corporations. These seemingly innocuous elements have a major impact on how interns, managers, and directors interact to combine their expertise for the shared goals of the organization. It is about aligning minds to promote shared values. An organisation can move ahead and be highly profitable and purpose-driven only when all elements of the workforce are in unison. Emerging trends in training and development 2021, puts KinesicsOrg TM as the future of corporate training.

  • Program Mode: Contact only
  • Cost: A highly customized program based on organisation wide needs mapping.
  • Key Features: Work Life Integration, IKIGAI, Fish Bowl Techniques, Creativity and cause affiliation, Inter Generation communication, World view mapping. Inter Generation Dynamics: Communication Skills, Team Building, Radical conversations, Conflict management and resolution.
  • Tools: Group dynamics, communication, activities.
  • Benefits: Departmental, functional integrated magnets for organisational development.
  • Who should enrol in this program? : Cross functional, departmental or diverse global teams of corporations.
  • Organization Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. / Partner organization
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Stakeholder Leadership

The world is moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder mindset. This program is prepared and strategized to train individuals to replace the old ‘I, Me’ mindset with a constantly evolving ‘how to identify stakeholders’ expectations mindset. One of the leading management courses in India for working professionals, this corporate training certification program is highly successful for a conducive future. The focus of this program is to mentor C Suite corporate executives, entrepreneurs and professionals for a fast-changing environment where their every decision will impact the good of the organisation and the overall environment.

  • Program Mode: Online / Contact (Company based).
  • Duration: 18 Hours (Online: Once a week, 3hrs each; Bespoke Contact: 3days, 6hrs each)
  • Cost: On request
  • Key Features: Stakeholder management process, Identifying stakeholder, Planning, Managing stakeholder expectations, and Stakeholder Communication and Engagement.
  • Tools: Sessions, Cases, Role Plays
  • Benefits: Improvement in stakeholder satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, improve corporate image, Stakeholder Loyalty, Company advocacy.
  • Who should take this program: CEOs, middle-senior executives, entrepreneurs, professionals.
  • Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. and/or Partner organizationorganization
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Holding the Torch Program

India’s most preferred training institute, Vayati Systems and Research Inc. (VSAR) introduces ‘Holding the Torch Program’. This is beyond the best career counselling courses since it is a longer duration intervention, customised to the specific requirements of individuals and of small-sized groups. The mentoring and counselling program is designed for young individuals, executives and entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential, and realise their best purpose.

  • Program Mode: Online / Contact (Open / Company based groups).
  • Duration: 6 months with Interactive 12 hours
  • Months               Sessions 1st month          2 sessions of 1.5 hrs 2nd month       2 sessions of 1.5 hrs 3rd month        2 sessions of 1.5 hrs 4th month        1 session of 1 hr 5th month        1 session of 1 hr 6th month        1 session of 1 hr*Coaching is customized to individual professionals
  •  Cost: On request
  •  Key Features: Diagnostic analysis, Individual and group counselling, Change management,Personal leadership coaching.
  •  Benefits: Transformation in work and life.
  •  Tools: Psychological assessments, real time sessions, self- activities and analysis
  •  Who should take this program: CEOs, Middle-senior executives, entrepreneurs, professionals.
  •  Certified by: Vayati Systems and Research Inc. and/or Partner organization
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